Interdisciplinary Research

Faculty by Research Area:

The CCMB Interdisciplinary Research program (IDR) stimulates and assists the development of a complementary portfolio of extramurally-funded centers and individual investigator-initiated projects across the University of Michigan.

The Interdisciplinary Research core will continue to seed individual investigator initiated projects using competitive pilot grant programs with complementary disciplines. IDR will sustain and expand current multi-disciplinary team-science centers with major informatics capabilities such as The National Center for Integrative Biomedical Informatics (NCIBI), Michigan Metabolomic and Obesity Center (MMOC), and Proteome Alliance for Cancer Research (PACR) and will also look for additional ways to enhance ties with federal agencies in planning stages for major initiatives such as NIH Genes and Environment, NSF Cyberinfrastructure and Nanotechnology, and DARPA Complex Systems Architecture Initiatives.

2011-2012 CCMB Funded Proposals:

  • John J. LiPuma & Patrick D. Schloss
    Addressing computational hurdles to microbial transcriptomics in the lungs of individuals with cystic fibrosis
  • Hyun Min Kang & Matthew Sampson
    Integrating functional genomic profiles into genetic mapping of non-Mendelian forms of rare diseases
  • Jun Li & Yuan Zhu
    Genomic approaches to study glioblastoma evolution in an in vivo model
  • Chandra Sripada & Clayton Scott
    Detecting neural signatures of pharmacological response with machine learning and connectomics
  • Ana Rodrigues & Richard Miller
    Development of aging pathways database and its application to aging studies

Centers & Interdisciplinary Research Projects