Pilot Grants Program

2011-2012 CCMB funded proposals:

  • John J. LiPuma & Patrick D. Schloss
    Addressing computational hurdles to microbial transcriptomics in the lungs of individuals with cystic fibrosis
  • Hyun Min Kang & Matthew Sampson
    Integrating functional genomic profiles into genetic mapping of non-Mendelian forms of rare diseases
  • Jun Li & Yuan Zhu
    Genomic approaches to study glioblastoma evolution in an in vivo model
  • Chandra Sripada & Clayton Scott
    Detecting neural signatures of pharmacological response with machine learning and connectomics
  • Ana Rodrigues & Richard Miller
    Development of aging pathways database and its application to aging studies

2010-2011 CCMB funded proposals:

  • Anuj Kumar & Phil Andrews
    Identifying kinase signaling networks
  • Santiago Schnell & Sofia Merajver
    Constructing regulatory networks that drive malignant metabolism and proliferation
  • Shaomeng Wang, Jeanne Stuckey, Chao-Yie Yang & Liu Liu
    Investigation of small molecule binding hotspots in MCL-1 and the structure of its splice variant
  • Alla Karnovsky & Kathleen Stringer
    Computational Analysis of Metabolic Profiles of Sepsis and Sepsis-induced Acute Lung Injury